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Product range PS

Product type/PS Properties Applications Designation
PS Standard
High impact strength Basic grade for indoor use FT200
PS Sign/advertising
High impact strength, foil-coated Sign/advertising FT230

When the product has served its original purpose, the material can be melted down and re-moulded, for use in new products, or it can be used for energy extraction. Most European countries have started material re-cycling. Material is collected by Plastkretsen AB, who is responsible for collection and processing via processing contracts with a number of companies. Products made of re-cycled plastics material must not come into contact with foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals, however.

Sorted, used polystyrene can be regarded as a clean fuel. It has the same energy content as fuel oil, with the difference that polystyrene is a less polluting source of energy. One example is various steel and cement factories
in Europe who have started plants where re-cycled plastics are responsible for a portion of their energy requirements.
In Sweden, the packaging collection regulations accept that part of the collected volume can be used for energy extraction in special, approved waste incineration facilities.